Tempting the Fire is LIVE!

Tempting the Fire is LIVE!

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The tempting of the fire begins, and I’m the key to unlocking a beast that can destroy the world.

My brief life as a thief cast me into a dismal prison. When the handsome sun elf royal sets me free, relief is quickly replaced by dread as I realize he’s doomed me to a fate worse than death.

Love brews, secrets are revealed…

…and, as the Dark Trials begin, the only thing keeping me alive is the burning magic threatening to be unleashed.

Join New York Times bestselling author, K.N. Lee on a coming-of-age adventure to discovering the truth of the mysterious magic hiding within the orphan prophecized to change the entire world. Dragons, elves, and captivating magic collide in this dark epic fantasy perfect for fans of The Hunger Games and Lord of the Rings.

Reading Order:
Waking the Dark
Tempting the Fire
Breaking the Oath

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