An Exclusive Excerpt from Chronicle

An Exclusive Excerpt from Chronicle

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The soft splatter of cool rain dripped onto Wren’s hood. She sat in the tree, waiting, listening. It was just before sunset when the horns would blow and the villagers would be called back to town before curfew. Nightfall meant danger for anyone who dared to linger outside of the gates of Terestria.
On this day, Wren decided to test her luck. She glanced at the darkening sky, and the gray clouds that rolled across at a leisurely pace. From the sweet smell of the air, she could tell that a storm was coming. She loved a good storm. Perhaps the weather would keep the creatures that haunted most children’s nightmares away.
When the loud horns began to blow, she settled in on her belly, hiding within the leaves of a tall, Necroni tree. The black bark and dark, evergreen leaves were perfect for such a disguise. Her dark hair blended well, and her olive skin helped her camouflage herself along with the branches and foliage.
She pressed her ear to the branch, listening to the Necroni nymphs humming ever so softly. It was a hypnotizing melody that almost lulled her to sleep.
Peeking down at the villagers as they left the fields and lakes from a busy day gathering food and supplies, she spotted Yuri. He walked behind his two younger brothers, ushering them on as they begged to stay out and play just a bit longer.
With a crooked smile on his face, and long chestnut hair falling into his eyes, he was one of the more attractive elves in the village. If Wren hadn’t promised herself to the Dragon Elite, she might have considered him as a worthy husband.
She looked away, resolved to forget such notions of marriage and a family. Her heart was set on something greater.
Her very own dragon.
The silence that followed the procession of the villagers away from the forest was unsettling. She tried to focus on the hum of the nymph-folk and the soft drip of rain. Before long, thunder began to vibrate across the sky and strike lightning with a loud crackle that perked her up. She pushed herself to her bottom and wrapped her skinny arms around her slim frame. The wind picked up and her soaked cloak and tunic began to cling to her in the most uncomfortable fashion.
It was then that she noticed something out of the ordinary—something…odd.
Two pairs of glowing red eyes emerged in the looming darkness as the sun set. She held her breath, tensing her neck as she watched a two-headed basilisk creep through the forest in search for food. The snake-like heads sniffed and searched the thick underbrush of the forest floor and let out a shrill sound unlike anything Wren had ever heard.
Lips parted, she watched in awe as they seemed to communicate with one another in a series of shrieks and grunts that reminded her of a pig. Swallowing, she reminded herself of why she was there in the first place.
She carefully pulled an arrow from the quiver on her back, not blinking and barely breathing. As the storm raged on, she nocked the arrow and pulled the string back as far as it would go.
Rain fell into her eyes, clouding her vision. She blinked them away and clenched her jaw. Perhaps it was a bad day for a hunt, but she had no choice. She needed this kill to cement her entry into Draconi Academy.
Knowing that her family depended on her, she sucked in a long breath of the cool air, and said a mental prayer.
Releasing the breath, she also let go of the arrow and watched it soar through the night and into the chest of the deformed basilisk.
The roar that resulted made her jump, almost falling from the tree. She held steady, shivering as the massive creature ran, her arrow protruding from its body.
“Fiddlesticks,” she growled, and with a leap from the tree, she descended down to the forest floor, landing with barely more than a soft squish in the mud.
The basilisk ran, and she chased it, nocking arrows and shooting as fast as her skilled fingers could go.
The hide was tough, and as she ran behind the frantic creature, it took two more arrows into the back of the beast’s heads to send it crashing down to its death.
Skidding to a stop, she breathed heavily, lifting her hood and exposing herself to the onslaught of rain. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she knelt and felt the beast for any signs of life. Closing her eyes, she thanked the Mother for her blessing. Then, she removed her dagger and cut out the beast’s heart.
Draconi Academy would have to let her in—even if no other girl had ever been admitted.

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