The Courtesans Harem

The Courtesans Bargain: The Courtesans Harem Book 1

Three handsome lords.
A bargain that will spark a curse and change their lives..

Celine, a poor courtesan from small village, finally gets a chance of a lifetime. She can take part in the auction where wealthy men from around the Marble Province are going to bid for her virginity.
However, things don’t go according to plan— instead of one, three mysterious lords tie for the auction and each of them desire to claim their prize.
And for Celine to receive her payment, she must live with each of the lord, where the true courtship can begin.
But there is something odd about these gorgeous men. They aren’t like any men she’s ever known.
They each stroke a different flame within her, but not for her own pleasure but also to complete a very complicated spell.
As they each attempt to pull her in to his game of seduction, will Celine be able to hold on to her virtue against all odds, or risk it all for the enigmatic and irresistible and arrogant Lord Thomas that stirs more than the beginnings of desire, but also that of hope.