Blood Princess: The Chronicles of Koa Book Three **Chapter Four**

Blood Princess: The Chronicles of Koa Book Three **Chapter Four**

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Raven chewed on the bars of the cage. She’d been imprisoned before, in her former life. The memories had been suppressed for so long that she’d almost forgotten the fear it brought with it.

Each passing moment sent her further and further into the darkness of her past, and to her true purpose on earth.

Not even Koa knew just how depraved Raven’s former life had been. Still, she would never give up trying to free herself. She could feel it in her soul that her daughter needed her help.

Green cat eyes glowed in the darkness as she searched for an option. The warehouse was full of large wooden crates and boxes. Raven was grateful for her curse in that moment, it allowed her to see in the blackness that surrounded her. Still, there was nothing around that could aid in an escape attempt.

Lera—the abomination that Bund had created—hadn’t returned in days. The death of her love, King Greggan of Lyrinia, drove her to insanity. The subsequent transformation by the demon, Bund, made her a powerful being unlike any Raven had ever seen. A vampire enhanced by demon power.

A chill ran through Raven as she realized that Lera was an exact opposite of Koa now. She’d worked hard to keep their secret. Now, she feared the truth was exposed and the world would change because of it.

Her stomach grumbled and her mouth was dry. How would she ever free herself?

With a deep breath, Raven ran full speed into the bars of the bird cage. A yelp screeched from her mouth as she crashed into the steel.

The hunger and thirst had weakened her.

The sound of footsteps made Raven hold her breath. Her ears perked up as she listened. She didn’t need to hear Lera’s voice to know that it was her. She could smell the scent of the Netherworld wafting into the room before the monster even entered opened the door.

Here kitty, kitty, kitty,” Lera purred as she walked into the room.

Followed by two female vampires, Lera wore tight black pants and a red shirt under a leather duster that hid her enchanted daggers and other weapons. The other two women, Stacia and Priscilla, were dressed similarly, their hair pulled back in a single braid like their leader. A brunette, a blonde, and the dark-haired Lera looked to Raven like a knockoff emo band.

She glared at Lera as she approached, though dread filled her tiny body. Lera had begun preparing an attack on the humans of this world. Where Greggan had failed, she believed she could succeed in his honor.

Lera went to her knees before Raven’s cage.

The once Netherworld vampire’s skin was a pale white, streaked with black veins. Black eyes, full of hatred and an unearthly power that did not belong in the human world watched Raven from between the rusty bars.

“What do you say we go on a little adventure?” Lera asked, pausing, as if waiting for Raven’s reply. Her lips curled into a grin. “We will find the half-blood. I assure you. Until then, the humans will feel my wrath.”

Stacia nodded. “It’s about time someone puts the greedy little beasts in their place.”

“Don’t worry. We will rule this world before they even know what hit them,” Lera said, still watching Raven.

Raven was ready to fight as soon as the cage door was opened. This might be her only chance to free herself, warn the humans, and protect Koa from the demon hybrid. She kept her gaze fixed on Lera and tried to muster all her courage.

Once upon a time, Raven had struck fear into the hearts of demons. She prayed she could do it again, just this once.

When Lera unlocked the cage and reached her hand inside, Raven scratched it, drawing blood. The action was so quick that Lera barely saw her move. She growled at Raven and grabbed her by the neck.

Struggling to breathe, she clawed at Lera’s hands and desperately tried to get to her face.

Lera took the pain with a wicked grin, and began to laugh.

“Oh, dear. I admire your spunk,” Lera said, swinging Raven through the air as she left the room. “Let’s go, ladies. This is going to be fun.”


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