Full-Length Novels

Six races. Four realms. One devastating war.
The survival of the universe rests on the shoulders of one human girl, but can Lilae escape slavery in time to save humanity?

A curse. A plague. The last dragon.

Lilae and Liam were born to be strong. But, even the power of their love may not be enough to save them in this epic adventure novel.

Angels protect us from the escaped creatures of the Netherworld.
Demons seek to destroy the balance and treaty between vampires and humans.
One half-blood vampire is torn between the two worlds.

A curse threatens her mother’s life.
A demon seeks to claim her as his slave.
A fallen angel risks redemption to save her.


Unsuspecting humans. Fallen gods in disguise. A battle for the entire universe.

After escaping the Vault, a prison for gods, twin siblings Preeti and Vineet make a desperate journey to the human world where they must impersonate the race they are meant to rule and protect.

Legendary heroines. Creepy tales. Enchanting fairy tale retellings.

There’s a wicked web inside this heart
It creaks
It leaks
It’s cold and dark…

Dark poetry at its best. You will escape to a land where evil is confronted, dissected, and vanquished. Each poem tells a story of horror, folklore, and supernatural tales.