Liquid Lust

New adult contemporary romance by New York Times bestselling author, K.N. Lee.

Sohana needed a fresh start. 

Arthur–a British billionaire’s offer was tempting.
Neither expected their arrangement to spark something more.

Still despondent from the shame of an office affair gone wrong, Sohana Shah is wary of her best friend’s new idea of a pick-me-up. Aimee has an uncanny knack for dumping trouble on Sohana’s lap, but the offer is enticing. Sohana could enter the exclusive establishment known as The Club, where the wealthy and elite play out their darkest fantasies.

Arthur Koenig, a British businessman, avoids an imminent return to England after a devastating break-up. Building businesses in Karim, Texas isn’t enough to mend his broken heart. There is one place that offers a welcome distraction from the demands of business, family, and old wounds: The Club.

Sohana and Arthur were bound to collide, especially when he buys the law firm she works for and offers to make her his personal assistant. Will either of them break down their protective walls when genuine attraction and love presents itself?

One night at The Club may be the little push they need.