Empire of Dragons Chronicles

They say the Age of Dragons ended after the War on Magic, but hiding in the forgotten lands remains one clan destined to reclaim their ancestral home.

While Kylan hunts firedrakes by day, he prepares for a journey across the Sea of Dreams where mermaids thrive and the key to his people’s survival is prophecized to be hidden.

Amalia, a Mage, escaped The Brotherhood, a sect of monks who seek the descendants of the gods once. Now, unable to return to neutral territory where magic-users are safe, she finds herself fighting for survival amongst men who can turn into wolves, firedrakes, and a relentless monk who believes she can restore balance to the entire world.

For Amalia, the gods are not just a memory. They are her ancestors, and before she can learn to control her newfound gift, she will face the keeper of a forgotten empire.

A dragon.

In this sprawling epic fantasy novel with shifting wolf hybrids, dragons, and mermaids, Amalia’s first battle is for more than her life. It’s for the souls of every being born with magic. Join New York Times bestselling author, K.N. Lee on an adventure perfect for fans of Vikings and Game of Thrones.

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Reading Order:

Fallen Empire

Reign of Magic

The Dawn of Dragons

Praise for Fallen Empire

“It was so original and full of surprises!”

“LOVE-this book! Another winner K.N. Lee!”

“Great ending!”

A Mage, her dragon, and a coming-of-age battle for survival that will leave you breathless.
The gods have sparked a series of events that just might save the world. The heir to the Erani Empire has been united with her dragon, and her people have heard the call from far and wide. While the Brotherhood is assured that they have found the descendant they’ve been seeking, a greater secret is set to be revealed.

A journey back across the red rivers and the unclaimed territory will test Amalia and Kylan in more ways than they’d ever dreamed. Devious monks and creatures from the gods failed experiments stand in their way. But, together, they will face every obstacle or die trying.

Join New York Times bestselling author, K.N. Lee on an epic adventure similar to George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones and the Court of Thorns and Roses and Throne of Glass series.

Reading Order:
Fallen Empire
Reign of Magic
Fire and Fury (Coming Soon)