Dive into the world of fallen angels, dragon shifters, demons, and vampires in the Dragon Rising novellas, where one woman must decide if she is content with hiding, or if she will grab her sword, shield, and armor to fight the evil destroying our world. Fans of The Vampire Diaries and True Blood will love Legend.

Rae risked everything to follow the angel she loved to the human world. Once a general in the Divine Army, she now spends her days masquerading as a psychiatrist. Life is good. She has her dream home, a fulfilling job, and a handsome surgeon as a boyfriend. But, when Luke–her demon ex-boyfriend arrives, she finds herself desperate to protect the happiness she’s found.

Collin left the Netherworld behind ages ago. He and his sister live in the human world, but a dark secret makes them outlaws to the league of angels who monitor supernatural beings. When he finds himself falling for the beautiful psychiatrist in his hospital, he and his sister obey the calling and report to the Division. Deportation back to the paranormal world is what they expected, but when recruited to join the ranks of millions of agents around the world Collin discovers he must make a choice.

The choice is made for him when a hybrid dragon shifter launches an attack on the woman he loves.

The world is a mystical place, and Rae and Collin are about to discover they have more in common than they ever expected.

New York Times bestselling author, K.N. Lee presents a unique urban fantasy world that mixed sword and sorcery with paranormal romance. Download your copy of this fast-paced novella serial today!

Trigger Warning: Adult situations, violence, cliffhanger ending