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New York Times bestselling author, K.N. Lee introduces Goddess of War, a set of fast-paced tales that take place in the same universe as the #1 international bestseller, Rise of the Flame.
Unsuspecting humans. Fallen gods in disguise. A battle for the entire universe.

After escaping the Vault, a prison for gods, twin siblings Preeti and Vineet make a desperate journey to the human world where they must impersonate the race they are meant to rule and protect.
The plan was simple: wait three years until their Enlightenment, when they will be powerful enough to fight back against the Goddess of Law, the woman that imprisoned them and is now determined to kill them and assert herself as ruler of the gods. But, a forbidden romance with a rebellious prince has Preeti losing sight of her role as the Goddess of War.

Preeti and Vineet are thrust into a war for more than their lives, but their souls, and those of the humans they have grown to love.


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