The Darkest Day Trilogy

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Magic. Betrayal. Revenge.

We lost the war…

…but never our souls.

They warned me to stay out of the woods. We knew that once upon a time that magic and evil lurked in the ruins, and that dryad protected their realm from hunters and humans.
But, while my family starves in the dead of winter I have no choice but to follow the mysterious tracks behind our cottage, and hunt what left them.
Armed with a bow and fiery courage I’d inherited from my father, I tracked down an ancient creature that would change everything.
How was I supposed to know a cursed prince stalked the woods, searching for his lost love?
Even more eerie…how was I supposed to know that by falling for him, I’d awaken an evil so dark it might destroy us all.
An act of courage turns into an adventure through ancient lands and mystical faeries.
Join New York Times bestselling author, K.N. Lee as we follow Ava’s journey through the realm of the fae in this upper YA epic fantasy adventure.