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Gifted with the power of prophetic dreams, Rowen hides beneath her practiced facade of innocence. The task to make the crown prince fall for her has worked, but when she'd blamed and convicted of murder, she finds herself in a race against time...

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They call them Starseeds...

...beings from different galaxies and star systems.

Eighteen-year-old Skylar is just one of them, and when the Academy of Lost Souls comes to claim her, she's left with no choice--no choice but to train to become one of the select-few mages with mystical powers who can save the world from utter darkness.


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The veil has opened, and all that the humans of Veruth once believed will be tested as a great darkness covers the kingdom.
Once Ava escaped the Sky Keep, her purpose and path are still unknown. But, being reunited with the rebel leader of The Crows, Kem, she discovers the depths of their relationship, and an even greater source of power.

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Meira thought she was an ordinary girl in a mystical world...

...She couldn't have been more wrong. 

When Meira's older brother died, it fell on her to feed and protect her family, but the grounds in the Empire of Embers were harsh and its people were even harsher.

After being caught hunting wild gryphons on sacred land, Meira finds her life forever changed when she's brought before the king of her province, a horrid man who pings at her memories in the strangest ways.

Meira learns that everything she knows is wrong.

Her memories, her life, even her family have all been created for her, placed in her mind in order to manipulate her actions. And, the truth of who she is and why her memories were altered will change the course of her life and the future of the kingdom forever.

The Dragon's Pledge is Here!

A proposal from the enemy. A threat from the future. Fae-shifter hybrid, Elle discovers the true potential of her power.

Rescued and treated like a queen, Elle finds herself cast into a new world of intrigue, lust, and magic.

While Alexi waits for Elle to learn to control and use her fae magic, she is presented with ancient curses, and a journey to an academy on the other side of the realm.
The shocking reveal that awaits may change everything.


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