In Veruth, there are three different classes--sun elves, gnomes, and the pitiful lot Ava belongs to...


Or so she thought.
After centuries at war with the mystical sun elves, the humans lost, and now serve as slaves, toiling each day by working menial jobs. Ava works on the massive structure the elves use to keep them imprisoned. They say it is protection from the monsters on the other side--from an ancient force.

As Ava reaches the age to enter the Blood Lottery, she knows there is a better fate awaiting.

But, when she almost loses her life in a devastating accident, something awakens inside.

A force--an ancient magic--she never knew existed, yet learns history and folklore have prophecized.

With the help of a rogue rebel leader, an elvish royal, and a mysterious wisp from my darkest nightmares, she may save the humans from their oppressors.

Or, be used as a weapon against them in an epic game.

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