Fate of the Goddess is LIVE!

Stripped of her empire, one goddess is forced into exile in this fast-pace young adult fantasy romance.

When Raina and Allan were sent to their deaths, they emerged as the chosen rulers of the gods...

...but, that was just the beginning of their epic adventure.

Raina and her twin brother were chosen to rule the gods of Aden, but that just didn't sit well with the Goddess of Law. Stripped of their titles, and imprisoned, the twins must find a way to escape and reclaim their thrones.

Astride a dragon, they find themselves lost in the world of the humans, and at the mercy of those they were meant to rule. Disguised as Seers, the mystical sect who uphold the laws of the gods, Raina and Allan are stationed in the palace, where the royals are now their masters.

Danger lurks in every corner, and while the two wait to reach their time of Enlightenment, when they will be powerful enough to stand against the wicked goddess who wishes to see them dead, Raina finds herself torn between duty...

...and the demands of her heart as she begins to fall for the handsome prince she's sent to train.
Embark on an epic coming-of-age adventure through Ellowen, where two gods must discover the depths of their magic, the desires of their hearts, and the lengths they'd go to in order to save the world.

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From inside a cage, the world seemed bleak.

Especially for the children of a god that had been sent to his eternal slumber. Even if their father was one of the lesser gods, the twins were meant to rule them all.

They had been chosen through an act of sacrifice. None of that mattered now.
Their beautiful manor was the scene of a massacre. Mother and father were dead.
Now, the Vault was their home with all of its dark and dismal glory.
They couldn’t even grieve the loss of their parents in peace. Every minute of every day was plagued by cold and darkness, with the occasional act of torture.

This was to be their lives until the day Litha decided it fit to have them executed.
Preeti could barely lift her head from resting on her brother, Vineet’s lap when the guard, Pavvi entered the dungeons.

Dressed in leather armor made in Pollos by the Dreamweavers, he was too skinny to even be considered for any occupation in the army other than a prison guard. 
With wild red hair and freckles scattered all over his cheekbones, Pavvi reminded Preeti of a ragdoll she used to have as a child.

Vineet smoothed Preeti’s hair. He leaned down to whisper in her ear. “It’s time.”
Pavvi pressed his smug face to the bars as he looked down at them.

“Supper time!” 
Preeti winced as he poured their soup onto the already damp stone floor. As she watched the thin liquid splash and trail though the floor’s creases, her stomach grumbled.
Neither of the twins had eaten in days. Pavvi only fed them their meals once a week, and that cycle had gone on for months.

“Just leave us alone, Pavvi,” Preeti said, her bright gray eyes glaring at him.

“Why? You’re so fun to watch suffer. Come now. Just lick it off the floor. I won’t tell anyone the infamous Latari twins eat just like dogs.”

Preeti’s face heated. If only she could get her hands on her swords. She imagined grabbing his lips with her fist and slicing them off with her sharpened blade.
Closing her eyes, she imagined his cries of agony. One day.

Maybe today.

Preeti had trained in every form of combat. Killing a lowly guard would be nothing to her. 
She’d never killed anyone and had never wanted to until she and Vineet were charged with treason and imprisoned by the Goddess of Law.

How could Litha convince anyone that Preeti and her brother were frauds when everyone in attendance saw them get sacrificed, and come back from the Cliffs of Ranoun alive?
It had been a life-changing day.

To face certain death and be spared. Preeti and Vineet never had dreams of ruling the gods, but their shared experience proved to them as well as to the citizens of Aden that they were chosen.

Now, she wished they could simply return to when life was simple and there were no responsibilities outside of their daily studies and training. To rest in bed with a book until breakfast was prepared was a common dream for Preeti now. How she wished she hadn’t taken her good life for granted.

Preeti coughed, the back of her throat dry. She and Vineet would have to conserve their energy if they wanted to escape.

“Bastard,” Preeti said under her breath.

Pavvi kicked the bars with his thick boot. “What was that?”

Preeti sighed. It took everything in her to stand, even more, to hobble over to the bars of her cell. She wrapped her hands around the bars, standing right before him.

Pavvi jumped back, fear in his eyes.
“Get back!”

“Why do you have to be so hateful? What have we ever done to you?”

He grabbed a long, silver pole and stabbed her through the bars with it.

Hope filled her body even faster than the intense heat that entered her belly.

Despite the pain from harnessed lightning, Preeti grabbed the sharp end of it and ripped it away from Pavvi’s grasp.

A triumphant grin came to her face as she flipped the pole to point its end at Pavvi.

It worked.

His face turned ashen as he looked down at the sharp end, sparks of lightning racing up and down the steel like blue and silver cords of light. The heat radiated off the steel and warmed Preeti’s chilled cheeks.

“Good job, Pavvi,” Preeti purred. “There is one thing I can honestly say that I truly love about you.”

“What’s that?” He asked, sweat beading on his forehead.

Preeti leaned forward. “You can be so predictable.”

Vineet came to his feet. He stood a half-foot taller than Preeti. They shared the same straight black hair, large gray eyes, and matching intricate black tattoos on their light bronze-colored flesh.

Vineet was built much more muscular, but Preeti had a slim, athletic build that made her a formidable opponent even to men.
Nonetheless, Pavvi looked ready to soil his pants at the sight of them not looking half as downtrodden as he’d been led to believe.

They were gods after all.

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