Fate of the Goddess Final

Stripped of her empire, one goddess is forced into exile in this fast-pace young adult fantasy romance.

When Raina and Allan were sent to their deaths, they emerged as the chosen rulers of the gods...

...but, that was just the beginning of their epic adventure.

Raina and her twin brother were chosen to rule the gods of Aden, but that just didn't sit well with the Goddess of Law. Stripped of their titles, and imprisoned, the twins must find a way to escape and reclaim their thrones.

Astride a dragon, they find themselves lost in the world of the humans, and at the mercy of those they were meant to rule. Disguised as Seers, the mystical sect who uphold the laws of the gods, Raina and Allan are stationed in the palace, where the royals are now their masters.

Danger lurks in every corner, and while the two wait to reach their time of Enlightenment, when they will be powerful enough to stand against the wicked goddess who wishes to see them dead, Raina finds herself torn between duty...

...and the demands of her heart as she begins to fall for the handsome prince she's sent to train.
Embark on an epic coming-of-age adventure through Ellowen, where two gods must discover the depths of their magic, the desires of their hearts, and the lengths they'd go to in order to save the world.

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